Corporate Travel

In a global economy, the success of your business often depends on travel. Getting to your customer, your supplier or your meeting on time can be the difference between success and failure. A managed travel program enables you to control your travel spend, increase productivity and efficiency, and address duty of care / risk management needs.

The Travel Team is dedicated to creative problem solving and unparalleled customer service. As a trusted SAP Concur TMC Preferred Partner, we take pride in our specialized support of customers that have made the investment in SAP Concur.

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Corporate Travel

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Corporate Travel

Responsive. Reliable. Responsible.

The Travel Team has everything you need in a trusted travel management partner and the prestigious designation of SAP Concur TMC Preferred Partner. Take your travel to the next level with a partner that can help you maximize your travel spend, drive efficiencies and fulfill your risk management needs, all with a commitment to personalized service that’s unparalleled in the industry.

Fiscal Responsibility

Travel is a business necessity. Without a well-managed travel program the financial burden of doing business in a global economy can be detrimental to your bottom line. But when controlled responsibly, you can maximize the value of travel and even deliver cost savings.

We’ll help you develop and implement a streamlined approach to travel that gives you control and exposure to this significant expense category. In addition, we’ll assist with vendor negotiation and management to secure the lowest available fares. With programs to design, deploy and enforce travel policies, we’ll manage the spend and provide comprehensive reporting and benchmarking.

By leveraging The Travel Team’s business intelligence, we’ll deliver powerful data and all the personalized support you need to navigate a complex marketplace.

Efficient Travel

You’ve spent years honing your craft and gaining momentum in your chosen field. Don’t let travel derail your success. Get out and grow your business, and leave the business of travel to us. Not only will you regain precious time to focus on your customers, you’ll reap the benefits of having a dedicated channel from which to procure travel.

One-stop-shopping brings together comprehensive travel content and profiles to eliminate redundancy and deliver consistent date capture. With robust traveler education and training, and customizable technology solutions, your travel program will be streamlined and efficient.

Travel Risk Management

We know your commitment to maintaining the safety and security of your team as they travel around the world exceeds beyond basic duty of care. Knowing who is traveling where and what to do in the event of an emergency is our specialty. We take pride in having the resources in place to manage any and all unexpected travel issues, any time.

With expanded traveler security and tracking, your team is covered with agent support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We’ll even notify you with risk alerts if an event could impact your travel. Our highly responsive experts are available to you when you need them most. It’s not just business, it’s our responsibility, and our commitment to partner with you in managing traveler risk.

Leverage the Concur Platform

If you have or are considering investing in the SAP Concur platform, selecting a travel management company that aligns with the platform is paramount. The Travel Team is one of a few TMC Preferred Partners and goes beyond offering just travel fulfilment for SAP Concur customers. We act as a strategic and operational partner to help maximize your investment and lower the total cost of ownership of the platform to maximize your business investment.

The Preferred designation signifies:

  • System alignment between The Travel Team and SAP Concur
  • Access to dedicated operational support resources within SAP Concur
  • Expertise in enterprise deployment of the SAP Concur platform
  • Expanded reach to SAP Concur’s network and partners
  • Early access to features and enhancements
  • Participation in user groups and customer education events
Corporate Travel

The Team Behind the Platform

Our ability to support customers on SAP Concur is reflected in more than just our Preferred status. It’s evident in our hands-on approach to platform management.

We help lower your total cost of ownership by developing new automations to enhance booking efficiency in-tool, easing the burden of onboarding new users and providing more direct access to SAP Concur support resources. Our experience has forged a deep understanding of how SAP Concur’s technology fits within the complexities of the travel industry.

We deliver a proactive approach that combines our expertise and knowledge of the SAP Concur system with personalized service to drive long term strategic success.

Project Management

Your Account Manager is a your direct link with The Travel Team at the strategic level. With a cross functional team to draw specialized resources from, their responsibility is to the overall health of your travel program, ensuring that program goals and objectives are successfully achieved. In pursuit of this mission, the following tools and services are leveraged:

  • Designated Account Management
  • Business Review and Program Analysis
  • Industry Benchmarking and KPI Analysis
  • Customized Report Delivery
  • Company Policy Review
  • Online Traveler Profile Access
  • Agency Traveler Risk Alerts
  • Access to After-Hours Emergency Support

Additional Services Available

  • Virtual Payments
  • VIP Services
  • Pre-Trip Approval
  • Supplier Negotiations
  • Strategic Meetings Management Assistance
  • Private Charter Flights
  • Leisure and Vacation Services

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