People, Planet, Profit, Purpose

The Travel Team believes we all need to do our part to steward and protect our environment, our community, and our people. As an environmentally conscious corporate citizen, we’re committed to promoting, supporting, and following sustainable practices through all facets of our business.

Beyond our personal commitments, our mission is to support our clients as they factor sustainability into their travel policy and overall managed travel program.


How we’re supporting our customers in their sustainability initiatives:

1. Including sustainable travel options and presenting emissions information as a factor for traveler decision making.

2. Promoting paperless travel through the use of electronic itineraries.

3. Providing exposure to emissions data at a micro and macro level to aid in business analysis and process improvements.

4. Offering functionality that supports virtual meeting technology as a potential alternative to travel.

5.  Consulting on sustainability’s role in supplier sourcing initiatives.

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