Toni Aiken McConnaughey

Travel Agent

Toni is a Leisure & Luxury Travel Specialist and a Destination Specialist for Southern Africa. She has been with The Travel Team for 18 years, and has more than 41 years of industry experience. Toni is a Certified Travel Consultant (CTC) and an American Express Travel Insider for Southern Africa.

Many journeys and memorable encounters continue to keep Africa at the top of Toni’s list of favorite travel destinations. However, Antarctica remains on her “must visit” bucket list.

When helping clients plan for their trip, Toni always encourages travelers to plan for enough time in each area to immerse yourself in the culture and truly experience the country you are visiting.

Toni has traveled extensively around the world over the years and enjoys sharing personal experiences to assist clients in planning their vacations. Her expertise is valued by clients who appreciate working with an agent who has actually traveled to the areas of interest.

To start planning your next trip with Toni, call her at (716) 862-7674 or email

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