Susanne Plumley

Travel Agent

Susanne has worked in the travel industry for more than 25 years. She is a Leisure and Luxury Travel Specialist with The Travel Team with a special focus on Eastern and Western Europe. She has been a Star Performer for Classic Vacations and is an AMEX Insider for Italy and Germany. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from University of Southern Carolina.

Susanne’s favorite places to visit are Greece, Italy and Tahiti, but Spain still remains on her travel bucket list.

Some of Susanne’s top travel tips include:

  • Always carry local currency
  • Set up your phone plan for international use
  • Sign up for the STEP plan which alerts the State Department of your destination
  • Carry multiple types of credit cards
  • Leave your itinerary with family at home
  • Carry copies of your passport
  • Travel light!

Partnering with Susanne on your travel plans gives you a dedicated agent to follow up on details, access to help during your trip, VIP service with hotels, dining reservations and local contacts for ground transportation.

To start planning your next trip with Susanne, call her at 716 507-8514 or email

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